BAAL: Bill of Lading

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Received by the Carrier, as far as ascertained by reasonable means of checking, in apparent good order and condition unless otherwise herein stated, the total number or quantity of Containers or other packages or units indicated in the box entitled "Number of Packages" for carriage from the port of loading (or the place of receipt, if mentioned above) to the port of discharge (or the place of delivery, if mentioned above), such carriage being always subject to the terms, rights, defences, provisions, conditions, exceptions, limitations, and liberties hereof (INCLUDING ALL THOSE TERMS AND CONDITIONS ON THE REVERSE HEREOF NUMBERED 1-21 AND THOSE TERMS AND CONDITIONS CONTAINED IN THE CARRIER'S APPLICABLE TARIFF) and the Merchant's attention is drawn in particular to the Carrier's liberties in respect of on deck stowage (see clause 13) and the carrying vessel (see clause 12). The Merchant is obliged to surrender one original bill of lading, duly endorsed, in exchange for the Goods. The Carrier accepts a duty of reasonable care to check that any such document which the Merchant surrenders as a bill of lading is genuine and original. If the Carrier complies with this duty, it will be entitled to deliver the Goods against what it reasonably believes to be a genuine and original bill of lading, such delivery discharging the Carrier's delivery obligations. In accepting this bill of lading, any local customs or privileges to the contrary notwithstanding, the Merchant agrees to be bound by all Terms and Conditions stated herein whether written, printed, stamped or incorporated on the face or reverse side hereof, as fully as if they were all signed by the Merchant.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF the Carrier by its agents has signed three (3) original Bills of Lading all of this tenor and date and as soon as at least one original is surrendered the others shall be void.
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